Motion Graphics Reel

We love mo-graph at Konrad and Paul - in fact, we'd consider it our specialty! Our team is full of amazingly talented artists and we do everything from show packages to short films to how-to's and beyond. Check out some of our favorite pieces in this reel.



Endtag Reel

Ahhhh... the end tag...

We found while cutting our motion graphics reel that we had so much to show off that we couldn't quite fit it all in one reel. Showing off our work that is usually tagged onto other pieces of work seemed like a good place to delineate. We make these to make YOU look good. Plus they're all short, sweet and usually fun (except for Nazi zombies... those aren't as fun...)



Production Reel

Oh cameras and stuff? We dabble in that as well. We're continually growing our live action production department - whether integrated with graphics, or as stand alone pieces. Here's a sampling of what we've been up to.